6 Proven Conversion Rate Optimisation Tools to Use In 2021

Conversion Rate Optimisation Tools

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But with new strategies and tools popping up faster than fast-food restaurants, how do you stay on top of it all? Well, we’ve put together a list of our favourite conversion optimisation tools that every business should be using and why.

And rather than just giving you a bunch of new tools that you’ve never heard of I’m going to break each tool down and explain when and why you should be using each tool so that you have a clear understanding of how it will help you to solve a challenge within your business.

Sounds good? Well, let’s get started

Conversion Rate Optimisation Tools

Conversion Rate Optimisation Tools – Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Used for understand how visitors use your website

Price – $0

The first tool I’ll be sharing with you today is pretty much essential to anyone running a business with an online presence. Having a website without Google Analytics is like running a retail shop without switching the lights or opening the doors as you’ll be pretty much running blind.

And while Google Analytics wasn’t actually founded by Google, the growth of their internet empire lead to it becoming the all-seeing eye when you want to understand how visitors find your website and what they actually do on it.

From what pages they visit to where a converting customer comes from and how long they spend reading a particular page. Google Analytics knows everything.

When to use Google Analytics

Google Analytics is extremely easy to set up and should be installed from day one of you launching your website and while understanding some of the data requires some knowledge within marketing sticking to the basic metrics will give you a surefire understanding of what’s going on behind the scenes of your website.

These metrics are:

  • How many new vs existing visitors are you attracting?
  • Where your website visitors is coming from?
  • Which pages do visitors spend the most time one?
  • Which pages receive the highest exit rate?
  • Which traffic sources generate the most conversions?

Master the art of knowing and improving these 5 metrics and you’ll be well on the way to building a profitable online business in no time.

Conversion Rate Optimisation Tools – Leadpages


For creating high converting landing pages and websites

Price – $37 to $321 per month

Still using the same old website from when you launched 20 years ago? STOP!

While the success of your business depends greatly upon what your actually selling and who you’re selling it to one of the most damaging things you can do for your brand’s reputation in modern business is having a website that looks like it was built before the dot com boom.

And hear me out here, this isn’t some sales spin to make you invest in some overpriced website that you can’t afford. That’s not what we’re about here at Refunnel.

Creating a professional, modern online presence for your brand isn’t actually that complicated and while we recommend staying clear of website builds such as Wix that generally end up costing you, in the long run, there are solutions out there that work great and one of those is Leadpages.

When to use LeadPages

Leadpages was built with marketing in mind. So unlike building a website in Wix that soon becomes another dark hole of the internet, Leadpages has a collection of proven, conversion optimised templates so that you can have a modern website that actually does your brand justice that you’re proud to have your company logo on.

And while there is a monthly ongoing fee, it’s still a much more affordable option than hiring a design agency to build it for you when you’re on a tight budget.

Leadpages is also an essential tool when running paid ads as it allows you to direct visitors, to a page with one clear goal in mind rather than sending them to your primary website.

So I guess you’re probably thinking, What do we need you guys for? Well, there is a lot more that goes into a fully executed marketing strategy than meets the eye and pushing a button vs knowing which button to push can make or break you but by using LeadPages you’ll be able to rid your brand on that outdated website in no time at all without it costing a small fortune.

Conversion Rate Optimisation Tools – Calendly


For streamlining meeting scheduling.

Price – $0 to $12 per month

If you run a service-based business, chances are you need to set up meetings with potential customers in order for them to build trust within your brand and answer any nagging questions they may have about your product or service before they buy from you.

You could do it the old fashioned way of having a contact form that they complete which requires manual back and forth communication to set up a suitable time and confirm their preferred contact method or you could get with the times and make the whole process a lot easier for everyone but using Calendly which makes booking meetings as easy as 1,2,3.

When to use Calendly

Calendly allows you to create predefined event types based upon how you meet with potential customers (time, date, location, preferred communication method) and then displays you or your team’s availability while even accounting for time zone differences.

Once the meeting is scheduled Calendly will automatically follow up with your new potential customers via email and/or SMS to ensure they don’t miss your moment to shine.

It’s like having you very own personal assistant for less than $10 a month.

Conversion Rate Optimisation Tools – ConvertFlow


For capturing visitors contact details

Price – $0 to $299 per month

There’s been a lot of talk recently that email marketing is dead and frankly this can’t be further from the truth.

Sure, chatbots are the latest craze and while they have stolen some of the attention away from email marketing just like email marketing did to letterbox drops and the yellow pages email marketing (if executed in the right way) is still as powerful as any other modern-day craze.

Helping you make that happen is ConvertFlow!

ConvertFlow offers a full suite platform for creating forms, pop ups, landing pages, stick bars, surveys and more,ensuring you stand the best chance of capturing each and every visitors contact details so you can nurture them from internet drifter to your biggest fan.

When to use ConvertFlow

Let’s say you have a new blog post fresh off the press and want to turn its readers into subscribers, or maybe you want to entince leaving visitor to give up their highly guarded email address in exchange for a free content offer? We’ll ConvertFlow will help you do exactly this.

Using its easy drag and drop editor, you can create unique lead capture forms that can be displayed across your entire site or on a specific page. Once you’ve captured their details you can redirect them to a custom thank you page, provide them with a link to download the file directly or even tie it in with your email marketing platform for easy followup.

Just remember to overdo it though, make sure that always start with a clear objective in mind and configure each form so that it doesn’t provide an overkill for your visitors user experience.

Conversion Rate Optimisation Tools – ProveSource


For increasing social proof for your brand

Price – $0 to $49 per month

Next up in our bag of magic tricks for skyrocketing your conversion rate is ProveSource.

What is ProveSource you ask? Well, let’s say you want to indicate to visitors just how much your brand is loved within your industry. Well, ProveSrc lets you do exactly that by allowing you to show popup notifications indicating how many visitors are currently browsing your site, how many people claimed a specific offer or even made a purchase within a specific period.

This not only shows others how well received your brand is but also builds trust within your brand through the use of real social proof based upon how others use your website.

When to use ProveSource

While ProveSource is free to get started we recommend only using it once you’re hitting numbers you’re proud to be showing off. While some visitors are better than nothing, if you’re only getting 5 visitors a day it’s not enough to start bragging about it.

If you are just starting out, you can always create display rules so that notifications are only displayed once a minimum number is being reached.

Another thing to bear in mind is you don’t want to bombard your visitors with 20 different calls to actions so ensure that you only display these notifications where it’s needed otherwise you’ll be losing traffic left right and centre.

Conversion Rate Optimisation Tools – Continually


For responding to visitors questions 24/7

Price – $0 to $129+ per month

Last but not least on our list of conversion optimisation tools that every business should be using a list is a tool that will help you respond to your website visitors questions 24/7 without having to hire a sales team that spans the globe.

Continually lets you create a conversational chatbot that guides your website visitors to their desired page and can even help them schedule a product demo or pre-qualify whether fit for your product or service.

When to use Continually

While automation can help you improve areas within your business it’s important to remember that being able to convert a stranger into a customer doesn’t happen overnight and it may still require you to jump in and answer questions your bot can’t answer or provide your visitors with the finishing touch that makes your brand stand out from the rest.

This does however come in handy for small and growing teams who may not have the capacity to respond to every website visitors question or help guide visitors when it’s outside of your office hours so that you can pick up right where your newest team member left off.

Conclusion and next steps

And there we have it, 6 conversion optimisation tools to help you get a better return on your marketing efforts. With this in mind, it’s important to remember, that conversion optimisation is a game of trial and error and one tool that worked for one business may not work for you.

Be sure to consider what you are actually looking to achieve by using each tool before you apply it within your marketing strategy and be sure to only implement one at a time otherwise you may find yourself having no idea which chance it was that actually got you the results you were looking for.

Happy testing!

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