9 Amazing Landing Page Examples That You Can Learn From

Not all landing pages are created equally.

And yet, they have become one of the backbones of any modern day marketing campaign. Get it right and you’ll have customers coming in faster than you latest purchase from Amazon Prime, get it wrong and it can cost you big time.

But what makes a good landing page?

Well, that’s simple. A landing page has one objective which is to convert your website visitor to the next stage in your sales funnel with as little resistance as possible, and while there are many factors that can determine if a landing page is cut out for the digital marketing world there are some based rules and best practices you can follow to ensure your landing page not only looks the part but gets the results you need.

But hang on a moment, isn’t that what my website is meant to do?

Most commonly landing pages are used for launching a specific campaign with one goal in mind but can also act as a temporary homepage while you’re launching your main site so for this reason we’re going to be featuring a collection of both home pages and landing pages to give you plenty of design inspiration.

Remember, well established brands have already completed many revisions of their homepage so they have proven examples that you can copy from to save a lot of time and money.

It’s also important to keep in mind that depending upon how a visitor discovers your brand your homepage may in fact be the first destination they arrive on when finding your brand so it’s critical that you provide a consistent user experience across all channels but you should never direct paid ads to your homepage unless it’s a proven winner.

For this round up, we’ve dug deep into the world wide web and uncovered some landing page examples people rant and rave about as well as some personal favourites across a wide range of industries to ensure that we leave no stone unturned in our search.

So without further ado, here are 9 amazing landing page examples you can learn from when launching your next marketing campaign or website.


Let’s kick things off with an obvious contender here… LeadPages. And while there’s no second guessing that a platform that allows you to build landing pages would naturally be good at putting together a killer landing page themselves we couldn’t help but feature them for a number of reasons.

How they nailed it

  • Clear value proposition and call to action
  • Great use of relevant case studies for each target audience
  • Consistent objective displayed across the whole page


Next up is the mouth watering landing page by food delivery company Deliveroo, they’ve created a landing page that not only looks great but makes you hungry the moment you land upon their page.

How they nailed it

  • Simple 1 step form for the visitor to take when signing up
  • Easy navigation options to get you to where you want to go
  • Great use of photos and colours to keep visitors engaged


While most people aren’t a fan of banks, N26 is disrupting banking in a major way and with a landing page that stands out from the crowd its easy to see why they are bringing some much needed change to an industry that makes most people cringe.

How they nailed it

  • Well crafted value proposition using conversion copywriting
  • Eye catching call to action button with clear call to action
  • Fast and easy onboarding process

I Done This

Running a remote team can be real hard, if time zones and multiple communication channels don’t make things difficult enough knowing where your team is with projects can be difficult to track. I Done This solves that while doing a pretty darn good job at marketing themselves too.

How they nailed it

  • Easy sign up process based upon your preferences
  • Well designed graphics and unique branding
  • Great use of social proof and featured customers


While not all of us are old enough to remember the days of walkmans I unfortunately am. And while some may argue that paying less than a tenner to be able to listen to just about every song you can imagine has killed the music industry Spotify has turned into a crowd favourite and who restist with a fine tuned landing page as catchy as this?

How they nailed it

  • Easy to understand pricing options
  • No resistance for signing up
  • Easy sign up process based upon your preferences

Dollar Shave Club

Moving on to another game changer in their own industry we have Dollar Shave Club which has been helping men look (and smell) better since 2011. If their $1 razors and hilarious viral videos weren’t enough to suck you in their landing page will do the job.

How they nailed it

  • Clear offering with little resistance
  • Effective use of chat bot
  • Well designed marketing campaigns


With cyber security attacks on the increase, keeping yourself safe on the interwebs is becoming an uphill battle but NordVPN is helping you fight this battle with its industry leading VPN service that keeps snooping eyes away from your private data while luring your in with its irresistible landing page and competitive pricing to match.

How they nailed it

  • Effective use of Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)
  • Great use of live chat and FAQ feature
  • Competitive and risk free pricing options


Another hot contender in our search for amazing landing pages is Slack, reinventing the way we communicate in the workplace is no easy task and Slack is helping us do it with ease. Slack has created a simple yet effective landing page with a  simple goal in mind and removed any unwanted friction in the process.

How they nailed it

  • Consistent call to action through out
  • Easy sign up process
  • Great use of social proof

Blue Apron

Blue Apron is another company helping revolutionise the way we shop for daily essentials by allowing you to order fresh, delicious chef inspired recipes straight to your door saving you the hassle of shopping for ingredients or worrying about what to eat for dinner. If their well designed landing page doesn’t entice you in, their delicious meal plans will. Bon appetit!

How they nailed it

  • Effective use of video to capture the visitors attention
  • Easy to understand pricing and limited risk
  • Easy sign up options

Conclusion and next steps

And there you have it, 9 amazing landing page examples you can learn from when looking to create your next high converting marketing campaign.

Now that we’ve shared some of the best landing pages the web has to offer (and left your wallet a little lighter with some hard to resist offers) it’s time to get testing and optimising.

Happy testing!