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As two former techies turned marketers, we’ve seen first hand how the internet has not only changed the world of marketing but also the way IT companies do business. Gone are the days of tradeshows and magazine listings showcasing the latest and greatest tech.

Unfortunately, with more and more IT companies turning to digital as a means of getting their products and services in front of potential companies comes more competition.

You’re in luck though as we’ve been in this marketing game long enough to know a thing or two about how businesses can generate affordable return on investment through online marketing when executed correctly and while big name marketing agencies promise the world where they fall short is being able to understand the challenges faced within the IT industry as they have little to no first hand experience in it.

Meet The Brains Behind Refunnel

Robert Stockley – The Marketing Guy

Rob started out building IT systems for business customers since the days of NT4. He gradually made his transition into sales and marketing where he works with leading marketing platforms to help service-based businesses grow.

Yaseen Burt – The Content Guy

Yaseen’s been writing for clients in the tech niche since he left the world of IT Management in 2014. He uses his experience on the frontlines to get his clients in meetings with their most valued prospects.

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