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When owner of conversion copywriting startup, Isaac Perdomo, came to us for a new website we were more than happy to help. We’ve worked with Isaac on some projects in the past and were pleased to hear that he trusted us to give his website and online brand a new look.

The Challenge

Isaac needed a modernised look and feel to his current online space, and being a WordPress novice, he knew he had to get some folks in to help him out. The website’s goal was to inform SaaS businesses that they found the right copywriting consultant that could turn leads into customers during tricky customer onboarding sequences. We needed to let these business owners know that their email nurturing executions could be doing more harm than ultimate good.

The Solution

With the existing website using an outdated template and design approach, we decided it was time to give Copy Onboard a brand new look and feel. Isaac’s powers of persuasion would be the website’s focal point so we let the words do most of the work. With some solid testimonials and a more user friendly experience, the new-look Copy Onboard website has generated a few new enquiries since its launch.

"Yaseen and Rob relieved me of the time, stress and resources I would have had to expend to get a new website up and running. They did it in far less time it would have taken me and I’m very pleased with the responsiveness, mobile friendliness and especially the new leads it has generated for my freelance business!"

Isaac Perdomo

Copy Onboard

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