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Explore Sideways is a leader in adventure, art, culture and wellness travel experiences with a growing global footprint. Their team of expert tour guides handpick and facilitate unforgettable private experiences of the most beautiful and adventure-filled places for the curious explorer.

The Challenge

Explore Sideways was looking to reach a very specific market segment that was in need of more personalised travel itineraries. As the experts in immersive tourist experiences, the challenge was to stand out from a barrage of travel guide services that couldn’t meet the demands of the more discerning explorer. With such a unique offering in a hotly contested sector, this innovative tech and travel company needed a way to reach a very specific breed of sojourner.

The Solution

Our approach was to make sure we understood what off-the-beaten-track experiences look like to the curious traveller and incorporated our messaging into the new website that was developed from the ground up.

Why a new website? To better grab the attention of the precocious explorer with design, content and messaging that spoke their language. An important functional aspect was to ensure users could combine different travel experiences, make currency conversions and follow a seamless checkout process.

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