The Locum

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Meet Glen Kanawati, pharmaceutical superhero and locum of choice for thousands of New South Wales residents. Glen supports pharmacies in the region that require support staff with service excellence, expert knowledge and a penchant for the human touch.

The Challenge

Believe it or not, even freewheeling freelance pharmacists need a little help from time to time. Glen’s expertise wasn’t the problem, but rather how he could increase pharmacies’ awareness around his locum services. With a hectic schedule and middlemen employment brokers making it difficult for freelance professionals to connect with opportunities, Glen decided it was time to take his brand to market in a more direct and profitable way. This led to an interesting 3-way video call between Cape Town, Paris and Sydney to discuss how Team Refunnel could help.

The Solution

Our mission objective was to give Glen an online space that would attract more attention to his services and boost direct business for his brand. With the site up after a few weeks, we launched a lead magnet campaign aimed at pharmacies looking for his services, along with informative blog articles aimed at medical consumers. After nearly one year, Glen is still booking jobs through his website without any help from middlemen employment agents — air punch!

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